Dry-Curing Pork

Pick up some meat and salt on your way home from the bookstore.

Move over bacon – or at least make room for more mouthwatering charcuterie including salami, pancetta, coppa, prosciutto and more in Dry-Curing Pork, filled with step-by-step instructions to make your own. Author Hector Kent, a science teacher by trade, instructs readers to pick up a pound or two of boneless pork loin and kosher salt on the way home from buying his book at the bookstore, which are the two most important things needed to make any of his recipes, along with time and patience. A thorough introduction explains the science and art behind dry-curing before jumping into “teaching recipes” like long, thin copiette or dry-cured tenderloin, plus whole-muscle cuts such as guanciale or smoked spicy coppa and salamis such as fennel and genoa. Kent closes with dishes that highlight the time-honed pork you just cured including caramelized onion-speck pizza and pasta carbonera. 

"Dry-Curing Pork" by Hector Kent, wwnorton.com

Bethany Christo is the associate editor who enjoys barbecue, grammar, good reads, thrifting, attempting humor and rapping by herself in the car, all to the detriment of her social life. You'll find her near the desserts.