RSVP International’s BBQ Jalapeño Grill Rack

This sturdy jalapeño grill rack is a fun, interactive way to make appetizers with friends and family during backyard cookouts. Simply cut the tops off jalapeños, remove the seeds and fill with cream cheese, Cheddar cheese and cooked bacon, and then place each pepper into one of the holes on the rack. Place over indirect heat and then grab a beer to sip while the peppers cook low and slow.

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Harold Import Co.’s Citrus Squeezer

This sunny-hued citrus squeezer makes quick and efficient work of juicing lemons, limes and oranges – and it even filters out pesky seeds. Here’s its secret: You place the citrus fruit skin-side up in the bowl of the squeezer to ensure that you extract every drop of juice. The clever minds behind the gadget covered it in damage-resistant baked-on enamel, making it long lasting and easy to clean.

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