Cole & Mason’s Derwent Gourmet Salt and Pepper Mill Set

For a quality set of salt and pepper grinders, look no further than Cole & Mason. The grinders are elegantly designed with a sleek mix of stainless steel and acrylic, and the mechanisms in each (made of carbon steel in the pepper grinder and ceramic in the salt grinder) are guaranteed for life. You can even choose your grinding-texture preference depending on taste.

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Harold Import Co.’s World’s Greatest Flippin’ Good Burger Turner

Burger flipping just became a sport with this expertly crafted heavy-duty spatula. Made with stainless steel and a nonslip, heat-resistant handle, the spatula is completely dishwasher safe. It’s easy to clutter kitchen drawers with numerous spatulas, but this one is definitely worth adding to your collection – it’s the real deal for burger flipping.

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Written by Laura Laiben, “The Main Dish,” The Culinary Center of Kansas City,