Norpro Silicone Stand Up Baster

This Thanksgiving, replace your worn-out old plastic baster with an updated version: the Norpro Silicone Stand Up Baster. It’s heat-resistant, and its standing feature separates fat from juices and keeps countertops clean to boot. It even comes with a cleaning brush. A baster can be used after Thanksgiving dinner, too – think fun pancake shapes and degreasing pans.

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Regency Naturals Cooking Twine

Although you can pick up twine at a hardware store, this 100-percent natural cotton version by Regency Wraps guarantees no artificial fibers or toxic chemicals will affect the taste or safety of your food. In addition to trussing your Thanksgiving bird like a pro, you can tie roasts, assemble a bouquet garni (a bundle of herbs), make a roulade or hang foods in cheesecloth to drain. Twine can get lost in a roasted turkey or roast, so don’t forget to remove it prior to serving.

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