Wine in Words

Wine doesn't have to be intimidating thanks to the Wall Street Journal's legendary columnist.

The Wall Street Journal wine columnist Lettie Teague knows the power of words, with most of hers centering on vino enjoyed by connoisseurs and casual imbibers alike. Wine in Words is not a didactic textbook (although an essay in defense of wine snobs is included) but rather useful explanations of the most important things a wine-drinker must know: key styles, grapes and growing regions; tasting notes and vintages; tips on buying and storage; and a few mini-essays written with Teague’s signature wit. Organized within Fun to Know (the joy of bring-your-own-bottle at restaurants), Need to Know (how the 100-point wine rating system works) and Who Knows? (what’s considered a reserve wine), the book clears up the wine myths that impede its consumption and should be savored slowly, like the fine wine it describes so well.

"Wine in Words," by Lettie Teague,

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