The Chili Cookbook

Did you know the Aztecs had to pay a chile tax?

Chili is one of those dishes whose secret recipes cooks fervently guard – no two bowls are alike. James Beard Award-winning author Robb Walsh explores classic Tex-Mex, spicy Middle Eastern, vegetarian, white chicken and more in The Chili Cookbook. There are a whopping 60 chili recipes to choose from, including regional favorites like the St. Louis slinger, Detroit chili dogs and Chicago chili mac. Robb delves into every aspect of the dish, from degrees of chile hotness to storage of leftovers and historical tidbits like the ancient Aztec “chile tax.” Whether you’re determined to win this year’s chili cook-off or just want a killer Super Bowl dish, The Chili Cookbook is a must-have.

"The Chili Cookbook," by Robb Walsh,

Nancy Stiles is the managing editor at Feast.