Egg: Recipes

What can't you do with an egg?

Some say the most versatile ingredient in the kitchen is the humble egg. In food writer and chef Blanche Vaughan’s new cookbook Egg: Recipes, it’s not just a breakfast staple but a vehicle for flavors from all over the world. From egg-in-a-nest with paprika and zaatar to oeufs en gelée, Egg: Recipes is full of inspiration for the novice and professional cook. She includes the basics – even how to correctly crack an egg – plus cooking techniques and recipes including egg-based sauces and the perfect omelet. Learn to pickle eggs with beets for an out-of-this-world color, use them to make rhubarb and apricot soufflés, or whip up a batch of Thai-spiced Scotch eggs. Vaughan’s advice to make your eggs taste even better? Snag them once they’re freshly laid from a farmers' market or your own backyard.

"Egg: Recipes," by Blanche Vaughan,

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